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Age: 15(appears) unk. (actual)


Appearance:Human form: He wears a Silver and gold chainmail armor. The armor has rounded but spiked shoulderpouldrens and gauntlets.He sometimes removes the gauntlets and he has a Chaos infected right arm. He has white hair and ice blue eyes.
Hybrid form: He sprouts armored wings and an armored tail. He grows claws but they stay in the gauntlets.
Dragon form: Kiema turns into an armored White dragon.

Order Variant: Order Dragon Hybrid

Order Rank: Knight of Order

Ultimate ability: Order Dimension Barrage: A Tehnique was developed by Kiema as a last resort attck. It transport the user and the opponent to a obelisk of Order where the user then assaults the opponent with their weapon.

Abilities: Order blast: A white orb that turns an opponents limb to crystal if it connects.

Ritual of Order: A technique known by all Order forces that makes someone become a member of Order.

Order strike: A attack with a weapon that turns the affected area into crystal.

Chaos Raze: Kiema's only Chaos attack that makes flames rise up from the ground and attack. It's attack varies though. It also puts Kiema at risk of spreading the infection to the rest of his body.

Personality: Kiema is normally a kind person but he can be cruel. He is constantly nice and humble to others and cruel to those who belong to Chaos.

Weapons:Sword of Order: A standard sword that has a white blade and gold handle. Is made from crystal of Order.

Scythe of Order: A special scythe that was crafted from a crystal of Chaos and a crystal of Order. Its a six foot tall pole and the blade is seven feet long and eighteen inches thick. The pole is a reddish purple and the blade is white.

History: Kiema was born at an unkown time. He grew up in the training of Order. He then became a Soldier of Order. He quickly volunteered when Chaos forces had attacked the realm of Order. He fought bravely through the Chaos warriors and managed to make it to the leader of the Chaos forces. The leader managed to blast his right arm armor off and then infected it with a touch of a finger. Kiema was promoted to being a Knight of Order but he has kept his arm a secret. He is currently leading a small expedition force to the Naruto universe to search for the Chaos Forces.

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