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Post by Kaim on Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:58 am


Version: 1.0.0


1. Do not spam
- This includes ' one liners '

2. Do not advertise
- Even if a admin tells you too, the admin will do the advertisement for you

3. No Flaming, and no racist, racial, sexist, sexual, or hateful remarks, words, phrases, or literature.

4. No Plagiarism
- Plagiarism means copying someone's work, without permission or Claiming you own somebodies Else's work.
-- This will result in a Ban.

5. No stealing stuff from this site
- Even if a Admin tells you
-- IF any one tells you to do this, Report them.

6. No hacking of any kind, in any way, shape, or form.

7. Please note, swearing is allowed
- But please refrain from going overboard!

8. NO inappropriate content

9. No posting of controversial, hateful, religious, or inappropriate media
- The reason for no posting of religious content is because everyone has different beliefs and views and can lead to a very bad flame war, and can eventually lead to discrimination towards certain users.

10. No necroing
- Necroing is when you bring a ' dead ' topic back
-- A ' dead ' topic is a topic that is no longer posted in for a extended period of time.
--- There are some exceptions to this rule, but unless done by Staff, will result in a Warning.

11. NO owning multiple accounts at all
- It's never Ok to own a an Multiple Account.
-- Not even The Highest of Staff are exempt from this.

12. Don't impersonate anyone

13. Don't try to convince others your staff, the only staff are those who are in the Moderator Group, Admin group, or have the words; staff, moderator, admin, administrator, or global moderator in their name, there are multiple variations.

14. Don't ignore staff members
- Ignoring Staff Will result in you getting a Warning.

15. Don't try to uproot staff
- Uprooting is when you try to remove staff
-- There are exceptions, as if you make a petition or calmly explain why they should
--- Making multiple petitions because of anger in the results shall be counted as uprooting

16. Don't ask to be apart of staff
- You Will be Insta Denied.

17. If the staff says its final, its final, you can appeal it to the highest members (Admins) but when the admins decide, its final.
- You will receive a warning.

18. No bringing anything from other sites unless you have approval from the administrators to talk about it.
- You will receive a warning and a possible ban.

Role Playing Rules

1. No god modding
- God modding is when you make your character, a NPC, or a object, invincible, or invulnerable.

2. No Meta - Gaming
- Meta - Gaming is when you have your character know information that they don't know, like automatically knowing all underground groups and knowing where forgotten or unknown people/places/things are.

3. No auto - playing
- Auto - Playing is when you say that people automatically do something, like saying a NPC or player automatically dies.

4. Keep rating in the title of the topic for those that are mature and above.
-Its ok to not post rating this is just to keep the forum safe for younger members.

5. Posts can be however long they want.
-But please, for the sake of all of us, make it more than 1 sentence.

6. Cannon Characters will be judged on a case by case basis.
-Self Explanatory

7. Have fun!
-Do i even need to put this one down?

First offense is a warning, Second-third is temp ban, fourth is perma-ban. More rules will be added if needed.

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Rules Empty Re: Rules

Post by King Terrestrial on Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:59 am

Updated Please Re-Read

Rules F516Insbutton

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