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Post by Kaim on Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:40 am

Chaos and Order have waged an almost eternal war. With most of the worlds in the galaxy that contains Chaos and Order being destroyed in their struggle after they discovered weapons of galactic destruction. However Order was able to grow into a technological force of power. However they knew that their technology could cause destruction on a galactic scale and was able to send Chaos into the dark ages again. However that act increased their galaxy's pull and it started to pull other planets from other galaxies. As time went on several centuries to the current time, the Chaos forces re-discovered space age technology and refined it to a point where they can have space war-fare again. During said war-fare a Chaos ship was able to detonate its core due to having Order forces on board and cause a massive pull that brought all of the planets of bleach, naruto and Equestria to the Chaos and Order galaxy. The battle ended in Order's victory due to Chaos's retreat. As everything settles Order is debating about what to do while Chaos recovers its strength. The planets are currently un-affected except for some of Order's and Chaos's destroyed ship debris floating around in the space around the planets.

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