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Post by Kaim on Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:03 am

Classes and equipment for MLP:
Worker - Can be any Pony Race, General Civilian. Saddle Bag, 500 Credits.
Upperclassmen - The richer side of the ponies, still Civilians but have more money, can be any pony race. Saddle Bag, Leather Armor, 750 Credits.
Magician - Must be Unicorn or Ali-corn, the Wizards of the race. Saddle Bag, Book of Spells, 500 Credits.
Weather Keeper - Must be Pegusis or Ali-Corn, basically manipulate weather. Saddle Bag, 500 Credits .
Warrior - Generally a Unicorn or a Pegusis but can be an Earth Pony, the warrior class. Saddle Bag, Iron Armor, 500 Credits.
----Royal Guard and Royals are EARNED you cannot start with them----
Royal Guard - ONLY Unicorn and Pegusis, they are the top notch warrior class tasked with defending the royals.Saddle Bag, Gold Armor, 750 Credits.
Royals - Only Ali-Corns (Unless married with an Ali-Corn then Royal by default) Basically the Rulers of Equestria. Saddle Bag, Decorative Gold Armor, 1500 Credits

Chaos and Order Classes:
Chaotic Warriors: These are members of the forces of Chaos. They go about wreaving destruction and insanity wherever they go. They aren't always warriors though the class retains the title. They follow a leader that is able to spread his corruptive power wherever he goes.
Chaos Pawn: Ancient corruption equipment; 100 credits //
Chaos Soldier: Beginner corruption equipment; 350 credits //
Chaos Knight: Intermediate Corruption equipment; 800 credits // (Restricted)
Chaos Lord/King: Legendary corruption equipment; 1000 credits (Restricted)

Order's Templars: The warriors and mages of Order strive to maintain peace and equality. Even though they are the most technologically advanced group they strive to not uplift societies and keep everything balanced. They are the anti-thesis of the dreaded Chaos Warriors.
Order Initiate: Ancient purification equipment; 100 credits //
Order Soldier: Beginner purification equipment; 350 credits //
Order Knight: Intermediate purification equipment; 800 credits // (Restricted)
Order Queen/King: Legendary purification equipment; 1000 credits (Restricted)

Other Classes: Soul Reaper/Shinigami: The protectors of the Seireitei and guardians of the innocent spirits. They are organized into the thirteen court guard squads otherwise known as the Gotei 13. They use their zanpokuto, or soul cutters, to fight their enemies.
Recruit: Zanpokuto; 500 credits //
Squad member: Zanpokuto; 700 credits //
Leuitenant: Shikai capable zanpokuto; 850 credits // (restricted)
Captain: Bankai capable Zanpokuto; 1000 credits (restricted)

Death Writer: These are people or creatures that use almight Death Notes to wreak destruction and death to the world. There are limits to it however. Weilders of these Death Notes operate under Kira though a few operate with "N" to bring peace.
Note Weilder: Death Note ; 100 credits //
Initiate: Death Note; 350 credits //
Kira Cultist: Death Note; Shinigami Eyes; 500 credits //
Kira Leuitenant: Death Note; Shinigami Eyes; 800 credits // (restricted)
Kira: Death Note(s); Shinigami Eyes; 1000 credits (restricted)

N Investigator: Death Note; Shinigami Eyes; 500 credits //
N Leuitenant: Death Note; Shinigami Eyes; 800 credits // (Restricted)
N: Death Note(s); Shinigami Eyes; 1000 credits (restricted) (Note: If you choose to be a Death Writer then you can Not insta kill other people's characters. If this gets out of hand with npc killing then there may be usage restrictions.)

Ninjas: These ninjas live in the hidden villages and protect their homes and secret arts to the death. There also a few that are legendary in poer due to the demons they harbor. These grewat ninja are often out-casted however due to the demon's immense destructive power.
Gennin: Ninja starter equipement; 100 credits //
Chuunin: Ninja beginner equipment; 350 credits //
Jounin: Intermediate Ninja Gear; 500 credits // (Case by Case)
Special Jounin/Anbu: Expert Ninja equipment; 800 credits // (Restricted)
Kage/Sannin: Master Ninja gear; 1000 credits(Restricted)

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