Sei, The Lorekeeper's Apprentice

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Sei, The Lorekeeper's Apprentice Empty Sei, The Lorekeeper's Apprentice

Post by Sei on Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:17 pm

Name: Sei

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Class: Order's Templar

Description: She looks this when she has free time:
Sei, The Lorekeeper's Apprentice 798882-bigthumbnail
She wears this armor when she is on duty: [spioler]Sei, The Lorekeeper's Apprentice 272111a6dcebb9f817e5b80b371bcd13[/spoiler]

Age: 17

Chaos/Order Rank: Order initiate

Special Skills: Keeper's Apprentice-As an apprentice to the lorekeeper of Order Sei is often counted on to teach and bring others into Order as initiates. (Is able to make others a member of Order)

Call of Chaos- As a suseptible initiate Sei is under constant threat of becoming corrupted by Chaos. Once the Chaos inside her gets too un-controlled it sends her into a furious and powerful rage. (Gives a boost in her power though she can't tell friend from foe)

History: Sei was born to two human knights of Order. She was raised with the ideals of order and to be her family's successor. Once she was initiated into Order she became prideful though still managed to stay within Order's boundries. However as Sei took the trials to become an initiate she felt a call of destruction that had been before. The call became too powerful and sent Sei on a rampage. After the failing the trials the members of Order convened and agreed to make her the apprentice of the Lorekeeper of Order. She spent four years from the age of fifteen learning rituals and the history of Order. However due to the sudden appearance of the planets, the Lorekeeper decided to send Sei to investigate. Sei left with no complaints and went to the closest planet she could find, Equestria.


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Sei, The Lorekeeper's Apprentice Empty Re: Sei, The Lorekeeper's Apprentice

Post by Kaim on Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:39 pm

Approved btw

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