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Post by Kaim on Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:13 pm

Chaos Ships
Blitzkrieg Class Capital Ship
Ship List Rtssins1

Obelisk Class Capital ship
Ship List Codex_Harbinger

Chaos Starfighter
Ship List SRF-003_Calnus_III

Chaos Assault Frigate
Ship List The_Diplo

Chaos Civilian Transport Frigate
Ship List GC2TA_Terran_Alliance_1314730114

Chaos Interceptor
Ship List 300px-FuryInterceptor1

Order Ships

Order Class Battle Ship
Ship List Space_ship__civil_ship_by_smirnovartem-d3260ys

Order Tactical Support Battleship
Ship List Norlamin_-_Norlamin_Freedom_II

Normandy Class Assault Ship
Ship List Codex_Normandy_SR-2_%28ME3%29

Order Battle Cruiser
Ship List Replicator_-_Krarken_Battlecruiser

Order Frigate
Ship List Quarian_ship

Order Surveillance Ship (I know it looks like the normandy class but this one is stripped of weapons and outfitted with sensors and shit, not as combat capable.)
Ship List 20091203013952mass_effect_normandy_sr2

Order Support Ship
Ship List 3

Orbital Defense Drone
Ship List Replicator_-_Pathfinder_Frigate

Order Fighter
Ship List Fighter

Order Shuttle
Ship List WA_CerberusFighters

Independent Ships

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Ship List Empty Re: Ship List

Post by King Terrestrial on Sat Apr 21, 2012 12:11 am

Order Stations

Order Headquarters/Command Center
Ship List ME3_Citadel

Orbital Command and Control Center
Ship List Trade_Alliance_-_PlanetModule_Hangar_Defense

Orbital Shipyard
Ship List OrbitalYard

Orbital Habitat Station
Ship List Norlamin_-_Skylark_of_Valeron

Orbital Trading Post
Ship List Replicator_-_Equalizer_Cruiser

Orbital Repair Platform
Ship List Norlamin_-_PlanetModule_Orbital_Repair_Platform

Orbital Assult Cannon
Ship List Norlamin_-_PlanetModule_Orbital_Cannon

Orbital Sensor Pod
Ship List Norlamin_-_PlanetModule_Defense_Platform

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Ship List F516Insbutton

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Ship List Empty Re: Ship List

Post by Kaim on Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:20 am

Chaos Planetary Assault Canon
Ship List 179222218

Chaos Command Station
Ship List Sci-fi-space-stations-norad_23

Chaos Orbital Sensor
Ship List Space%20Satellite%20CG%20art%20images%20EF07%23SI0228

Chaos Orbital/Amospheric Defense Station
Ship List AlluriPrime_SpaceStation_06sml

Chaos Type I Shipyard
Ship List DSN3

Chaos Type II Shipyard
Ship List Cardassian-yards

Chaos Survailance Probe
Ship List Tryon11_Station21

Chaos Research Center
Ship List Star_forge

Chaos Inter-Space-Planetary Elevator/Command Station
Ship List Space_elevator_station

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Ship List Empty Re: Ship List

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