A New Invasion Begins

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A New Invasion Begins Empty A New Invasion Begins

Post by Kaim on Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:13 pm

As the blitzkrieg class Capital ship, Illminioria, orbits the outer expanses of the atmosphere and space around the planet bleach After having dropped off its warriors. Amongst the warriors was their king and leader, Kaim. He was a modified hybrid that was still on his rise to his apex of his power and military strength. The young king was clad in his armour except for his helmet. He wanted everyone on the planet to see the face of their new ruler. Meanwhile, after setting up a small podium, his warriors went about dragging and announcing their lord's prescence. They then corralled the people around the podium at the center of Karakura town and gave a speech. Afterwards he was able to find some Order hideouts that remained after the space conflict that had happened and Annihilated them. He is currently following a small group of Order soldiers as they retreat.

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