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Post by King Terrestrial on Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:38 am

Here is were you will introduce yourself to the forum, this is not required but it is recommended that you post here and tell alittle bit about yourself, it creates a more friendly environment.

I'll start.

Im King Terrestrial, my real name is of no concearn to you Razz

Im 16 years of age and im a guy, i am an Administrator on this website and im a brony.

I love star trek and star wars and generally any other scifi you can think of and i enjoy relaxing on many role playing websites!

I try to log on daily and check the forum and i will jump in chat if i see someone online.

Im not the best problem solver (then again who is) but i am willing to listen to anyone who has a problem be it site business or real life problems, I am always here if anyone needs "a shoulder to cry on" or a general pep talk! (Im good at making people happy, just not good a problem solving, lol)

Try to catch me in chat! Im real fun to talk to! Smile

Introductions F516Insbutton

This is my moderator color, if you see me using it, your doing something wrong.

Yes im a brony, you got a problem with that?
King Terrestrial
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