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Post by Kaim on Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:51 pm

Name: Kaim "The Infernal"; "The Broken Shadow"; "The seed of discord"; "The Silver Hand"; "The Dark Assassin"; The bloody Slaughterer"

Race: Human-Shinigami hybrid

Gender: Male

Class: Chaos Warrior

Kaim of Chaos Caption-87259-20070329161413
He's theone in red obviously. His armor looks like this while occasionally wearing the helmet:
Kaim of Chaos GalenStalkerArmor-TFUUSE
However when he enters the dream and spirit realm he appears as this:
Kaim of Chaos Sith_droid
He wears this without the hood and mask on when aboard ships and in space combat:
Kaim of Chaos Redrevan

Age: 25

Chaos/Order Rank: Chaos King

Special Skills: Wings of Heart-Due to having discovered his heart's true desire he has unlocked wings that represent his inner feelings. They are black Angel wings.

Penance of Sins- This embodies Kaim's emotions and desires into powerful swords that spark with fires from the nether world. (Only usable for three posts.

Eyes of Damned- Like most Shinigami Kaim can see people with their unique eye power. However he can tell exactly how the person will die and as such, it is extremely taxing on him. (Only used once per topic)

Oracle of blood: Being the Oracle of the temple of blood which Kaim discovered have granted him the ability to read the fate of others through blood and other ingrediants as well as a small boost in strangth for every kill he makes. (Only increases strength for every 3 kills)

Dreamstride: Kaim's Shinigami heritage allows him to travel into the spirit world and the dreams of others.

He has cybernetic implants that pump him with stimulants.

History: Kaim was born amongst the wastelands of Chaos. As an infant to a child he was raised by his parents. He then started to go mad with destructive power accessed by his hybrid blood. Kaim joined the Chaos forces when he was sixteen and soared through the ranks due to his hybrid nature. He eventually entered a state in his life where he started to grow increasingly more curious about growing in power. He soon started running inhumane tests that were highly abusive and cruel on himself and others. The young man of seventeen years became a brutal monster of desruction and Chaos as he applied some of the test results to himself.

During his rise in the forces of Chaos, Kaim found himself lodged in a secret civil war amongst the other members of his rank. Being a newly made Chaos Knight, the young man started his rise into his Shinigami nature by increasing his lust for blood. He also discovered a religous value in death as he slaughtered his way into higher power.

Then as he became the Chaos King, and trained his immense powers, the young man soon turned his sight on fighting Order. He even attempted to double the Chaos factories output. He is still training however despite his leading the Chaos armies and is currently having forces encroach on multiple planets but Kaim himself had planned to approach Equestria personally as his evil glare seems to be drawn to the innocent planet. However some important business on the planet of Bleach.

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